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Columbine is the first EP by Nicole Dollanganger released on May 5, 2013. It was recorded by her in 2012-2013. Around October 2016, Nicole combined the EP with Covers after having removed it around late June 2016. In mid-September 2017, the EP was put back up on her bandcamp in its original form. In late January 2018, the title was changed to simply, EP.

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The original album artwork is a crime scene photo of the Columbine High School shooters - Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris - after they had committed suicide.

Dollanganger said with regards to choosing to cover songs for a Columbine-themed EP:

I guess I’m just interested in the correlation people make between things like songs/movies and real acts of violence. The old question of whether or not these things inspire/influence, or at the very least desensitize and glamorize violence, if these things/their creators should be held accountable for what transpires in the real world and to what degree does “life imitates art” - I don’t believe that Manson is in any way shape or form responsible for the actions of Klebold or Harris (or any fan of his music for that matter) but a lot of people sure do. A really interesting case that comes to mind (though it’s not in relation to Columbine): 2 Nevada boys in 1985, who were die hard heavy metal fans, attempted suicide together and one of them succeeded. The parents of the boys ended up taking Judas Priest to trial because they believed the band’s influence on the boys actually caused the whole tragedy. So anyways, I covered three really popular songs that are constantly affiliated with Columbine for that reason alone.


No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. The Nobodies Marilyn Manson 2:50
2. The Reflecting God Marilyn Manson 3:10
3. Pumped Up Kicks Foster The People 2:05
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