Songs in this list are covers that exist either as a live performance or recording.

*NIC = Not In Circulation

Title Original artist Recorded Information Length
All The Things She Said t.A.T.u. 2016 Performed live at Counter Culture 2:49
Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl Broken Social Scene 2014 From Unreleased 3:34
Between the Bars Elliot Smith 2012 Posted to Soundcloud 2:25
Born to Die Lana Del Rey 2012 Posted to Tumblr 1:48
Call Your Girlfriend Robyn 2011 Posted to Tumblr 1:25
Christian Woman Type O Negative 2015 Live recording posted to Bandcamp 4:17
Cola Lana Del Rey 2014 Posted to Tumblr 1:23
Devil Town Daniel Johnston 2011 From Unreleased 1:15
Fiend Club The Misfits 2013 Posted to Tumblr 1:48
Helena My Chemical Romance 2015 From Covers 4:09
I'll Follow You Into The Dark Death Cab For a Cutie 2010 Posted to Tumblr 1:10
I've Got a Pain in My Sawdust Kitty Cheatham 2015 Posted to Tumblr 0:46
I've Written A Letter To Daddy Baby Jane Hudson 2015 Posted to Tumblr 1:10
Let's All Go To The Lobby Jack K. Tillar 2015 From Covers and Greta Gibson Forever 0:50
Lies Marina & the Diamonds 2012 Posted to Tumblr 1:51
Loveless Nightmare Twitching Tongues 2015 From Covers 4:02
Mercy Street Peter Gabriel 2013 From Unreleased 2:49
Milk Eyes The Grates NIC 2:00
My Wet Dreams Soko 2011 Posted to Tumblr and MySpace 3:33
Persephone Wishbone Ash NIC ?:??
Precious Depeche Mode 2012 Posted to Tumblr 2:12
Pumped Up Kicks Foster The People 2012 From Columbine and Covers 2:06
Rabid Bits of Time Chad VanGaalen 2012 Posted to Tumblr 1:20
Saturday Night The Misfits 2015 Posted to Tumblr originally; also from Greta Gibson Forever 3:40
Silly Love Daniel Johnston 2012 Posted to Tumblr 1:02
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) Arcade Fire 2012 From Unreleased 1:29
Teenage Dream Katy Perry 2012 Posted to Tumblr 1:36
The Nobodies Marilyn Manson 2013 From Columbine and Covers 2:51
The Reflecting God Marilyn Manson 2013 From Columbine and Covers 3:10
True Love Will Find You In The End Daniel Johnston 2012 Posted to Tumblr 1:47
Use Your Fist And Not Your Mouth Marilyn Manson NIC 3:05
White Blank Pages Mumford & Sons 2010 Posted to MySpace 3:19
Wild Eyes (featuring Sarina Kemme-Lynch) NIC ?:??
Willow Tree Chad VanGaalen 2011-2012 Posted to Tumblr. There are about three different versions in circulation. 1:42
Youth NIC ?:??
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