Matt Tomasi is a Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, and producer. He is also the founder of Spunk and Acid Vision Records. Tomasi can be seen on the covers of Beautiful and Bad, the original cover for Christian Woman, and Cute Aggression.

Production and Direction Edit

Tomasi played on and helped produce the final version of Nicole Dollanganger's album, Natural Born Losers. He also provided the backing vocals for You're So Cool. Tomasi later either played on, co-produced, or co-wrote Have You Seen Me?, Beautiful and Bad, Observatory Mansions II, Cute Aggression, and Only Angels Have Wings. Additionally, Tomasi was featured in Dollanganger's music video for Angels of Porn II. On the Rhinestone Cowgirls Tour in 2015, Tomasi and Dollanganger began dating. Their relationship ended sometime in 2018.

Touring Edit

Tomasi began performing live with Dollanganger in 2015. Tomasi initially began as a guitarist and percussionist, and later revisited this style by playing both the guitar, kick drum and hi-hats for the Forever Tour.

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