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Observatory Mansions is the fourth full length album by Nicole Dollanganger released on January 10, 2014. It was written and composed by her mainly in 2013; with the exception of the last two songs being unconfirmed.

The album is named after a novel by Edward Carey.In 2016, Run For Cover Records reissued the album with the tracklist now including "Observatory Mansions II" as track 10.


No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. Observatory Mansions Nicole Dollanganger 3:43
2. Rampage Nicole Dollanganger 3:28
3. Creek Blues Nicole Dollanganger 4:25
4. Sleepy Towns and Cemeteries Nicole Dollanganger 2:53
5. Choking Games Nicole Dollanganger 2:17
6. Angels of Porn Nicole Dollanganger 2:14
7. Nara Dreamland Nicole Dollanganger 2:50
8. Please Just Stay Dead Nicole Dollanganger 2:46
9. Don't Be Scared Nicole Dollanganger 0:48
RFC Reissue
10. Observatory Mansions II Nicole Dollanganger 3:41

Around December 9, 2013, the original tracklisting included the unreleased song, Hymns for the Small Towns, as the seventh track.

Releases Edit

In 2014 and 2016, Dollanganger made one cassette and two CDs for this release. It was also released on CD by Get This Right Records through Cold Cuts Merch in 2016 with the same design. In 2016, Run For Cover Records reissued the album on CD, cassette, and three vinyl versions. The splatter version was later made available on Limited Run through the Second City Prints merchandise store.
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