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Observatory Mansions is the first track off of Observatory Mansions by Nicole Dollanganger. In 2016, it was rerecorded with Matt Tomasi and added on as track 10 on the Run For Cover Records reissues. The second version was released as a single on September 23, 2016.

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Time scurries away from us like field mice
Out through the holes in our walls
Lost to the dark night

Heal me up again

Everything I love gathers dust inside my chest
And all the love lost was the love that I kept
In coffins and boxes - a museum of the dead
It’s time I let go; let the darkness claim them

Heal me up again
Heal me up again

Carved out of chalk
Out of wax, out of wood
Saints, dolls and angels
In pews they all stood
They said it’s time
To give all that I’ve found
It’s time to give it back
To the ground

And one day they will knock
The buildings down
Like vomit our ghosts
Will all spill out

Music Video Edit

Observatory Mansions - Nicole Dollanganger (Official Video)

Observatory Mansions - Nicole Dollanganger (Official Video)

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