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Trumpeting Ecstasy is the third single by Full of Hell for their album, Trumpeting Ecstasy, featuring Nicole Dollanganger.

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Full of Hell's vocalist, Dylan Walker, stated the following about the collaborations on the album: Well, the guest spots for the record came together just by chance. We’re pretty fortunate. With Nicole, who is sort of the most interesting collaboration, she is sort of into heavy bands. We found out about that because she was on Grimes' label, and I thought it was so wild that she was into heavy stuff. It kind of blew my mind. Her music is so beautiful — truly angelic. We thought it would be cool to build a sort of industrial-type track, so Lee Buford provided the beat and Nicole just rips over top of it.

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FULL OF HELL - Trumpeting Ecstasy (Official Video)

FULL OF HELL - Trumpeting Ecstasy (Official Video)

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Eternal happiness clapped in irons
Eternal happiness, mighty strikes
Break their bands asunder
Cast away their cords from us
Cadence of horror
Pull the hammer fast
Pull the scalp back

Atop the ashes-

Atop the ashes of one thousand ghosts
Atop the ashes of one thousand ghosts

Tall and gleaming
Judas millennia
(Nicole & Dylan)
Perhaps tomorrow, your trumpet will sound
Perhaps tomorrow
Perhaps never